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The Disentitlement of Women in the Workplace

Throughout my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with some brilliant, smart and ambitious women who could, or I would say should, have been running the business.

However, despite their unique strengths and experiences, many of these women hesitate to confidently ask for higher salaries, aspire for a more senior role at a new company or make career transitions. It’s no secret society has affected how and when women consider themselves promotion ready or if they have certain abilities. The question I ask myself is how and why did we let the workforce impact women this way?  When women are mothers or wives it’s viewed as leadership,  and throughout our lives continue to raise and teach us our core values, again is this not an important quality of any leader? I never understood the saying “it’s man’s world,” because it’s the guidance and life lessons displayed by women that have inspired me most.

Over the years women have struggled to have equal opportunity, leading to being overlooked when more often than not they’re the best choice for leadership positions. Women have always been at the forefront when it comes to contributing to society, every company that I have worked for, when we needed to make a deadline or needed the task to be done right or advice to problem solve we knew from instinct the importance and value a woman’s input would make.  I knew the issue would get resolved and the advice we were seeking would be well thought out for us to use to accomplish the goal at hand.

Women have made so many advancements for themselves, but there’s still many unquestionable changes to make. Society needs to support our women to RISE and be provided with equal opportunities in the workplace.  Companies need to prioritize investing in providing women with proper respect, training, promotions and compensation. The valuable skills women have need to be met with more opportunities to leverage those skills, so they can go on to greater success.

It’s time that small to multi-international corporations abandon this outdated business model mindset and to allow and promote women to soar, it’s time to take responsibility and give women a chance to shine. 

My message to women is this your time is now, you should no longer be afraid to set your expectations high and go after what you desire and never back down or apologize for what you feel your true value in work or life is worth.

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