Mind Your Style

Mind Your Style

We’ve all done it… refused to leave home because absolutely nothing fit right. Why did I say mind your style?

I remember on more than one occasion emptying out my entire closet and drawers trying to find a top that would emphasize my chest, hide the evidence of tiny humans who once lived there, and short enough to showcase my feminine hips.  

Early 20s, confident as f*ck, single-ish, I used to be insanely curvy in the right places and made sure whatever I put on my body wore me. Now in my mid 30s, I literally wear my mood (pretty much anything black or gray). More often than not, I get asked if I’m headed to the gym or in my ‘lady days’ and need something loose. How many times have you explained to people that you are not sick and you simply didn’t line your eyes? Too often, am I right? 

If we look in our closets right now, what would we see? Stuffy work clothes that need ironing, athletic attire even though most of us do not have a gym membership, and miscellaneous pieces from a time where we blindly hope would return.. So who are we trying to impress? Everybody and nobody. 

Most of us were taught not to judge a book by it’s cover but we all do.

We glance at the lady who is sloppy and unkempt and think ‘she’s lazy’, or the lady in a well fitted pencil skirt and heels and think ‘high maintenance’ and my all time favourite, ‘did she get dressed in the dark?’.

Let’s conduct a mini experiment – choose your favourite body part and highlight it.

I did this a few months ago..I chose my lips because I cannot apply eye makeup without looking like we were in a war and lost. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to wear red lipstick but never had the courage to. Let. Me. Tell. You…that confident as f*ck, early 20s me was born again! One lipstick has changed my life! Ever since, I have conducted myself differently, my style has evolved and sass and confidence is at an all time high. Is that really all it takes?

After wearing neutral makeup all of my life and black clothing religiously, I wonder why I gravitated to red. Me being me, I searched the internet for an answer. Colour theory was at the heart of all my research. Here is what I found – 

  • Red symbolizes passion, danger and luck.
  • Blue of all hues represents different meanings. Authority, cleanliness, freedom, intelligence and serenity.
  • Green – growth, fertility, nature and luck.
  • Yellow has proven to be a go to colour for happiness, optimism and certain shades represent illness (think jaundice, dehydration).
  • Purple is synonymous with luxury and virtue.
  • Pink is actually complex. Delicate in certain matters but intense like the sky before a storm.  
  • Orange is crass, healthy and vibrant. 

Perhaps I chose red because subconsciously I was craving a certain level of danger with flirtatious and passionate behaviour. It was for a wedding I was attending, what better place to display those emotions than an event which personifies the epitome of love?

When you look your best, you feel your best. We have the power to wear our personality and share it with everyone we encounter. Think about it – Miss Fitted Pencil skirt and heels is on her game! She doesn’t care that she sits in the corner cubicle, geography takes a backseat to her tenacity. Sloppy, unkempt lady probably hasn’t found her inner diva yet,  and the one who dresses in the dark is most likely a genius who has enough courage and confidence to not care about the outside world.

I still rock the athletic gear in mostly black but my style has evolved to off shoulder tops, ripped jeans and heels and most recently, cute tops with clever statements (see what I did there?)

Go ahead, appoint your favourite feature and share your spirit with the world, we are waiting.

Nalini Mahadeo You Me Jubsies Blog

Nalini Mahadeo

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