Established in 2019, in Montreal, Canada, Jubsies was founded to be an inspirational women’s apparel company with the purpose of developing fashionable, exciting and comfortable clothing that can be worn every day.

The name Jubsies stems from a childhood nickname given to one of the founders, Joanne.  As a creative force, we felt it was the perfect name for our brand that represents a playful yet unique, inventive and inspiring take on the modern woman.

Our vision has grown into being so much more than just an apparel brand. We’re not just investing in the designs we create, we’re investing in the transformation and success of all womenWe’re dedicated to encouraging and supporting them to reach their full potential by providing the right tools and resources and to promote a culture of leadership and philanthropy.

Our mission is to inspire, elevate and empower women to dare to be themselves, follow their dreams but also to remember to have fun.


Our goal is to inspire you to feel the way you look on the outside the way you feel on the inside.

The designs on each article of clothing (Hoodie, Sweatshirt, T shirt, Tank top etc) are carefully thought out to be trendy, relatable and to represent a variety of personalities and age groups, while keeping the most important element in mind – having fun while wearing it!


At Jubsies our approach to building the brand doesn’t stop with our clothing. We are dedicated to helping women flourish and succeed in creating an avenue for self-growth whether it’s through education, sports, entrepreneurship, or their own philanthropy.

With unlimited possibilities for our initiative, 5% of every sale will be directly donated.