Our premium lifestyle brand Jubsies apparel was founded in 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, and is now based out of Montreal, Quebec.

Jubsies’ is our co-founder Joanne’s nickname, and we chose to use it to represent our brand because of how unique everyone has always said it was. As is our inspiration, the women trail blazers before us and the ones that are now leading the social, political and economic change.

Why Jubsies?

At Jubsies we value individuality and a strong sense of self as much as we value being a team and a part of something bigger than oneself. We believe in the importance of community and growing ours with strong women to lead by example, to encourage and to provide a safe space for anyone to grow in and transform their lives.

By wearing our Apparel you become part of a community of women who recognize and support each other, with a mutual understanding and respect that you can Dare to Be You and be comfortable being all of who you are, while wearing it everyday.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and an influence to make, we want to highlight that and celebrate what makes us all unique.

Our Aspiration

Community, Integrity, respect and authenticity are a few of the things that guide us in what we are striving to do everyday. With these values in mind, we’re committed to doing our part to influence a world for women to embrace their individuality through respect, self worth and empowerment.

This commitment is fundamental to who we are and is integral to who we want to be, as a brand that advocates for change we recognize that our journey is only just beginning. We’re committed to building a sustainable community of strong women around the globe to align with, learn from, be inspired by and collaborate with and support.